San Antonio Spurs all-time leaders in three-pointers made

NBA Finals Game 7: Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs
NBA Finals Game 7: Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

The three-pointer has become a staple of every offense as basketball has continued evolving during the pace-and-space era of the NBA. Though some coaches are less enthusiastic about constructing their system around the long ball, every team in the league took at least a third of their shot attempts from beyond the arc last season.

Gregg Popovich has long been opposed to his players chucking trifectas, but the gray-bearded head coach has started embracing a more perimeter-oriented approach. The San Antonio Spurs broke the single-season franchise record for threes in 2021-22, making a breakthrough as the last team in NBA history to shoot 30 threes per game.

Despite gaining a reputation for being reluctant to lean on the three-pointer, the Silver and Black were among the first organizations to station shooters in the corners as outlets for their stars. San Antonio also influenced modern offenses with their brand of beautiful basketball that utilized every inch of the floor to dismantle helpless defenses.

From Robert Horry nailing a go-ahead triple against the Pistons in the 2005 NBA Finals to Tim Duncan stepping beyond the arc to send the Spurs to double overtime versus Phoenix in the first round of the 2008 NBA Playoffs, the three has been vital to their success. Keeping that in mind, which players have made it rain from dowtown for San Antonio?

San Antonio Spurs all-time leaders in three-pointers

1. Manu Ginobili (1,495)
2. Patty Mills (1,171)
3. Danny Green (959)
4. Bruce Bowen (661)
5. Matt Bonner (656)
6. Sean Elliott (563)
7. Kawhi Leonard (529)
8. Tony Parker (506)
9. Bryn Forbes (493)
10. Michael Finley (490)

A handful of Hall of Famers and iconic role players comprise this list, but one name stands out among this sea of fan favorites. Not only is Manu Ginobili the greatest sixth man in franchise history, but he is the most consistent marksman to don the Silver and Black. The two-time All-Star shot over 37% from beyond the arc in eight seasons and ended his career with 1,495 threes.