San Antonio Spurs: 6 Preseason Trends that raised our eyebrows

Dejounte Murray
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San Antonio Spurs
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3. Thaddeus Young's poor play

Veteran power forward Thaddeus Young was one of the Spurs' many offseason additions and with his experience, he appears likely to make a positive impact. Despite that, he struggled in the preseason. While it’s not the end of the world, it is a bit concerning considering he’s entering his 15th season.

He may simply be pacing himself or even struggling to learn the team’s system, though it could also be an early sign of decline. After all, he struggled mightily on offense, shooting just 25% from the field and averaged just 1.7 points with two turnovers in 17.1 minutes per game. That will obviously improve in the regular season, though by how much remains to be seen.

On defense, Young played better and displayed solid instincts, as evidenced by his 1.7 steals per game. Still, he hasn’t quite lived up to his defensive reputation yet and has made a few noticeable mistakes. Overall, Young's preseason performance was forgettable, but with more time, he should play a lot better on both ends of the floor.

San Antonio Spurs
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4. Bryn Forbes' hot shooting

Bryn Forbes shot a blistering 46.8% on threes in the preseason and averaged 12.8 points in just 19.3 minutes per game. While his hot shooting is unsustainable, he's reaffirmed that he's one of the best shooters in the NBA. It also bodes well for San Antonio, who brought him back after the team struggled shooting the ball last season.

Forbes was signed after spending a season in Milwaukee where he had a career year shooting the ball. It seems that the plan is to use him in Patty Mills’ former role, a role that he now appears well suited for.

Considering his return has elicited a negative response from Spurs fans, myself included, his play is certainly encouraging. Moreover, were he to shoot anywhere near as well as he has in the preseason, then he could prove to be a great signing.