Spurs: Answering 5 Burning Questions About Forbes-Hernangomez Trade

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4. Can Juancho Hernangomez still be traded before February 10th?

It wouldn't be a surprise if the Spurs were to find a deal for Thaddeus Young before the NBA trade deadline. As Project Spurs' Paul Garcia addressed Tuesday night, such a package couldn't include Hernangomez for another two months, meaning the deadline will pass by then.

Still, Hernangomez can be moved to another team by February 10th without Young, but I'm not sure that's very likely since there's probably not a market for him. The Spurs will still be $16.1 million below the tax line even after the acquisition and can free up the space taken by his contract this summer.

5. Did the Spurs win, lose, or draw in the trade?

While you can draw your own conclusions, there are multiple ways to look at this trade. No matter which way you lean, however, the degree to which this affects the Spurs in the bigger picture is pretty small.

Effectively, the Spurs freed up minutes for fan favorite Joshua Primo and deserving backup Tre Jones while also collecting a future second-round pick that could increase in value by the time it comes to fruition. "It's hard to see how that one turns out badly for San Antonio," wrote John Hollinger on Wednesday.

Hernangomez is still a pretty good athlete who can play pick and roll basketball well and will undoubtedly benefit from a focus on defense if he is indeed utilized. Even if he doesn't work out, then the Spurs basically rented Bryn Forbes for half of a season and paid $4.5 million for a future pick. If there's ever a season to do something like that, this was the one to do it.

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At best, this trade is a win for the Spurs. If you're a pessimist, at worst, it's a draw.