Spurs: Exploring 4 trades with Rockets for No. 3 Draft pick

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The second trade scenario is similar to the first but with a few key differences. In this deal, the Spurs would throw veteran Doug McDermott into the mix but keep the Bulls' pick, and David Nwaba would be added to offset some salary. While McDermott might seem like an odd inclusion, he actually makes plenty of sense as an asset for the Rockets.

He's one of the best shooters in the NBA, and a team would surely give up a 2023 first to acquire him. That's likely more appealing than the Bulls' pick which could technically take another five years to convey, too far out for a rebuilding team to really use. Factor in the ninth and 20th pick, and Vassell, and this trade scenario could ultimately net Houston a long-term starter and two additional first rounders just for trading back to nine in the draft.

For San Antonio, this particular trade package would actually save them $12.25 million next season (including the salaries for each pick), giving them even more cap space. Thus, this trade could be beneficial for both sides.