5 Knockdown shooters Spurs could trade for to unleash Wembanyama

The San Antonio Spurs were 26th in 3-point percentage last season, but who is available to improve their shooting around Victor Wembanyama?

San Antonio Spurs v Detroit Pistons
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3. Malcolm Brogdon

The Celtics had a trade in place to send Brogdon to the Clippers, but it fell through after concerns about his medicals. The domino effect forced Boston to send Marcus Smart to Memphis to get Kristaps Porzingis from the Wizards. Brogdon remains a Celtic, but there has been plenty of trade talk since.

Boston has work to do to avoid the second tax apron after Jaylen Brown’s extension kicks in. His $18 million increase in salary coupled with a new contract for Jayson Tatum that will likely start in 2025 will force the Celtics to get creative.

Brogdon is under contract at $22.5 million per for the next two seasons. They want to get his deal off the books next summer to avoid the second apron penalties and to have some roster flexibility. The 6’5 guard must prove he is healthy before any deal gets done, but Brogdon will have value if he does.

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year is a career 38.8 percent 3-point shooter who can score, handle the ball, make plays, and has a high basketball IQ. He would fit nicely in San Antonio, and the Spurs could bite on the 30-year-old if the Celtics try to sell low over the next year.