San Antonio Spurs: 3 Potential Landing Spots for Josh Richardson

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New York Knicks could benefit from Richardson's three-point shooting

Don't look now but here come the New York Knicks. Winners of their last eight, the Knicks have ridden a winning streak to surge back into the playoff hunt and now sit at 6th in the Eastern Conference. Their offseason acquisition of Jalen Brunson is proving to be a good investment as the New Brunswick, New Jersey native is enjoying a career year.

One thing still holding the Knicks back is their lack of three-point shooting. Well, to be more specific, their lack of accurate three-point shooting. They're 10th in the league in three-point attempts but 25th in three-point accuracy. That'll happen when you have Julius Randle jacking seven deep shots per game and making just 33 percent of them.

The Knicks don't necessarily have minutes to give Richardson, at least not yet. If they trade Cam Reddish, they could free up some run for Richardson. Reddish was rumored to have requested a trade from the Knicks, but the former Blue Devil has refuted those rumors in previous weeks.

Even if Reddish is in New York for the long run, the Knicks could still benefit from reducing his role and subbing Richardson in for some of those minutes. They could use the spacing and even though his three-point shooting has taken a step back from where he's been in years past, Richardson is still better than most of the shooters the Knicks have on their roster today.

As for the Spurs' asking price, the Knicks would have no problem meeting that request for a first-round pick. They've got several lined up for 2023 from Dallas, Detroit, and Washington. San Antonio would likely be happy to take any one of those, even if New York wants to put on top-ten protection or other condition.