2024 Spurs Mock Draft 3.0: San Antonio sees game-changers fall to them

The Spurs need to add talent in the 2024 NBA Draft, and things fall into place in this mock.
San Antonio Spurs, Stephon Castle
San Antonio Spurs, Stephon Castle / Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Pistons draft Matas Buzelis

6. Hornets select Cody Williams

7. Trail Blazers grab Donovan Clingan

8. Spurs (via Raptors) take Nikola Topic

San Antonio started the season with Jeremy Sochan playing point guard, but the experiment failed miserably. They returned to Tre Jones and were considerably better, but Gregg Popovich and company do not see him as the long-term solution. The Spurs need a second star to be serious contenders, but adding a point guard to create easier shots would instantly do wonders.

Topic is one of the best passers and playmakers in this class, but injuries have limited the 18-year-old to just 23 games this season. He currently has a partially torn ACL and may miss his entire rookie campaign recovering.

The Spurs have a superstar and can afford to wait. Topic may be the best player in this class and fills a need in San Antonio. This is a no-brainer selection, even if the Spurs have to suffer through a redshirt year to see him in action.

The San Antonio Spurs need to be comfortable with his medicals, but his upside may be too good to pass up. Topic is a fantastic fit next to Victor Wembanyama and could help the franchise become a contender for the next 15 years.

9. Grizzlies choose Dalton Knecht

10. Jazz select Rob Dillingham

11. Bulls draft Ron Holland

12. Thunder (via Rockets) take Tidjane Salaun

13. Kings select Ja’Kobe Walter

14. Trail Blazers (via Warriors) choose Devin Carter