Spurs: 2 Trades To Acquire "Killer" Cam Reddish From Hawks

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The Atlanta Hawks Have Reason to Seek a Trade

What strikes me as being particularly interesting about the Spurs trading for Reddish is the current position that the Hawks are finding themselves in. Through Monday, the Hawks have a very underwhelming record of 17 wins and 22 losses and are well outside of the playoff picture. While some of this can be attributed to injuries and COVID-related absences, the problem goes quite a bit deeper.

The 2021 offseason was a key few months for the Hawks. They had a successful draft night in which they selected Duke's Jalen Johnson late in the first round and Auburn's Sharife Cooper in the second round, assumingly to have them back up John Collins and Trae Young after some seasoning. Simultaneously, the Hawks signed Young and Collins to a couple of big extensions, essentially solidifying them as their two cornerstone players to build around.

The Hawks managed to bring back all of the major contributors on their roster with the intention of repeating, or at least coming close to repeating their Eastern Conference Finals run from the year before. Unfortunately for the Hawks, their roster's weaknesses are rearing their ugly heads this season--particularly on the defensive end of the floor.

While Trae Young is a terrifying offensive force on his own (if that wasn't made abundantly clear by his recent 56-point game against the Trailblazers), the Hawks' issues on both ends of the floor nearly negate that impact. Young is desperately in need of a guard that can run some semblance of offense when he isn't on the floor.

Even with Young averaging nearly 10 assists per game, the Hawks are in the middle of the pack when looking at total assists per game, and are the third-worst team in the league when looking at potential assists per game.

On the other end of the floor, even with Clint Capela defending the paint, the Hawks are the fourth-worst defensive team in the league, only trailing the Rockets, Trail Blazers, and Hornets. Their perimeter offense stands out as being particularly awful on a regular basis, but they could even use some help on the inside when Capela and/or John Collins isn't on the floor.

Fortunately for the Spurs, there are a few roster pieces that could pique the interest of Atlanta's front office. Here, I'll lay out two potential trades, the first of which only involves the Spurs and Hawks while the second brings a couple more teams to the table.

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