15 Times Coach Popovich Roasted Victims

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6. "Nobody's happy."

Victim: David Aldridge

Poor David Aldridge. There are multiple clips of Coach Popovich being sarcastic or short with the long-time sports journalist. The most famous example was when Pop took exception to a simple use of the word "happy."

"Happy? Happy is not a word that we think about in a game. Think of something different. I don't know how to judge happy."

"We're in the middle of a contest. Nobody's happy," said Pop with a dead stare. For weeks afterward, many kept calling back to the nationally-televised moment with Popovich if they caught themselves saying the forbidden word.

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7. "Are you gonna let me finish my statement or not?"

Victim: Joe Vardon (The Athletic)

One of the most uncomfortable moments on this list goes back to Coach Popovich's gold medal run last summer. I previously mentioned how Joe Vardon seemed to have an agenda against the legendary coach, and it all seemed to stem from this moment after an exhibition loss by Team USA.

The exchange goes on for quite a while, so I'll leave it to you to watch the clip to see what happened.

Sadly, that wasn't Joe's worst moment that summer.

It's probably best for Vardon that Coach Popovich is done with Team USA, because I'm sure both sides have had just about enough of each other by now.

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8. "It's hard to appreciate or enjoy torture."

Victim: NBA Press

After a final-minute collapse in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Coach Popovich understandably wasn't a fan of the pressure he was facing in Game 7. When asked about being able to appreciate the opportunity to still capture a title, he didn't hold back.

"It's torture," said Pop. "It's hard to appreciate or enjoy torture."

Coach Popovich has been torturing himself for over 26 seasons now, and he had four simple words for why: "Coaches are sick puppies."

Understandably, he was in top roasting form throughout the press conference after that devastating loss. You can watch the presser in full here.