Rumor suggests Spurs would have to overpay in any trade for Tyus Jones

Hoops Hype reports the Washington Wizards have made Tyus Jones available, but should the San Antonio Spurs consider their asking price?
Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards
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With less than a month until the trade deadline, the rumor mill is starting to heat up around the NBA. We've already seen a blockbuster deal between the Raptors and Pacers and if the smoke billowing from organizations around the league is any indication of what's to come, we're in for another exciting trade deadline.

For years, it would have been wise to assume that the San Antonio Spurs would keep their distance at the deadline, but recently, Spurs GM Brian Wright has shown an increased willingness to make moves mid-season. With a gaping hole at point guard, room to improve in the frontcourt, and a treasure trove of future picks, the Spurs have multiple needs and more than enough ammo if they decide to make a move.

Whether it's a reunion with Dejounte Murray, bringing in a more seasoned veteran to mentor the Spurs' young guards or any other deal, it's clear that figuring out who is the future of the point guard position should be San Antonio's priority. In scoping out who might be available at the deadline, one name drawing increased attention is the Washington Wizards' Tyus Jones.

Wizards asking price for Tyus Jones should knock him off Spurs target list

In a recent trade deadline intel drop, Hoops Hype's Michael Scotto reported that while there is growing interest in Jones, it'll cost any team at least a first-round pick to pry him out of Washington.

"The belief is Washington would covet a first-round pick to consider trading Jones, according to rival NBA executives who’ve spoken with HoopsHype. Should a team dangle a future first-round pick past the 2024 draft that could become a Top 20 pick down the line, the Wizards are expected to consider such an offer."

Michael Scotto

Jones built a reputation as one of the best backup point guards in the league during his time in Memphis and has made a smooth transition to a starting role with the Washington Wizards. He's a good player, and any team with a need for a point guard would be lucky to have him. But he's too similar to what the Spurs already have at that position to justify giving up a first-round pick.

While it would be heartwarming to see Tre and Tyus Jones on the same team for the first time since the two briefly shared the court for Apple Valley High School, the Spurs are already getting essentially the same production from Tre as they would from Tyus.

Tre Jones & Tyus Jones Comparison
Tre Jones, Tyus Jones, StatHead

Tyus's larger role throughout the season gives him the edge in per-game statistics, but if you compare the Jones brothers' performance per 36 minutes, they're eerily similar. Their shared pass-first nature translates to a pristine assist-to-turnover ratio, and while Tyus is the better three-point shooter, Tre is the better defender of the two.

Ultimately, the differences between the two are marginal; they're both serviceable point guards who could run any team's offense with patience and precision.

All of that to say, as good as Tyus Jones is, a first-round asking price should be too much for the Spurs to bite. They've got all the Jones they need in Tre, and their future first-round picks would be better used on a superstar who will help them take a leap when they're ready to move.