Rockets Fan Dragged by Own Fan Base for Dejounte "Overrated" Tweet

Dejounte Murray, Jalen Green
Dejounte Murray, Jalen Green / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Sometimes your take can be so bad, even your own people turn against you. As much as fans of the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs don't get along, sometimes even that tension can be put on hold when an opinion is bad enough.

Such a thing happened Wednesday afternoon when a Rockets fan with a big following on Twitter shook up both fanbases with seven simple words.

"Never realized how overrated De*ounte Murray is," said the tweet -- the missing 'J' likely being a dig at Murray's jump shot.

Murray's overall shooting percentage of 43.8% and 3-point percentage of 34.1% don't jump off the page, but he's certainly still getting the job done in all ways for the Spurs. The fact that fellow Seattle native and Houston Rocket Kevin Porter Jr is shooting 36.5% and 32.8% in those departments, however, could be cause for some jealousy issues.

The shot at Murray's jumper also pops out to me as the opinion of someone basing their thoughts on past results as opposed to what's currently going on. As it stands, Murray is hanging with guys like Jayson Tatum, Tyler Herro, and Joel Embiid in terms of accuracy and attempts from mid-range.

Rockets Fans Notch a Rare Win in Not Taking the Bait

As expected, Spurs fans were quick to the defense of their NBA All-Star candidate. You can see the original tweet itself for that, but the more amusing part was how most Rockets fans themselves didn't take the bait.

My former site co-expert partner for Space City Scoop, Anthony Duckett, had this response and originally turned my attention to the misguided tweet.

"Dejounte Murray is the definition of underrated," said another Rockets fan in a quote tweet response.

The hits from other Rockets fans kept coming.

Even the simple word "ratio" from a Rockets fan got about six times more likes than the original tweet.

Perhaps the biggest defender of Murray in the comments came from English Rockets fan Nathan Fogg, who went back and forth with Itamar to explain just how off he was.

The thread is definitely worth a read, as Itamar tries to argue back with a "fake assist" statistic created by, from what I gather, some random guy. Unfortunately, he made it even worse when trying to argue which point guards he'd take over Murray.

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Credit to Itamar for sticking to his guns throughout, even if his comments and replies look about as encouraging as the Rockets' current season.