Ringer Examines Spurs As Landing Spot for Chet Holmgren

Chet Holmgren
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When the Sweet 16 makes its way to San Antonio on Thursday, Chet Holmgren won't be there, as his part of the bracket is playing in San Francisco. There's a world, though, where he ends up in the Alamo City eventually.

As it currently stands, the odds aren't very high that the San Antonio Spurs receive a pick high enough to take the talented seven-footer outright. Currently projected with the 8th pick, the Spurs have a 26.3% chance of leaping into the top four and just a 6% chance of nabbing number one overall.

Holmgreen is rightfully projected to be one of the top two picks in the upcoming NBA Draft, meaning the Spurs would either have to get extremely lucky in May's NBA Lottery or come up with a hefty trade package to get themselves to one of those spots. Still, it's mathematically possible they land him directly.

As we've previously written, drafting someone like Holmgren would make the subpar rebuilding season all worth it, as his one-of-a-kind skillset at his position is exactly what's missing with the Silver and Black. On Monday, The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor weighed in on Chet's best landing spots, with the Spurs on the list.

Including the Spurs in a four-way tie for sixth, O'Connor explains how Holmgren would make for an excellent two-way pairing with Dejounte Murray. As he states, San Antonio has playmakers who can complement Chet's ability as a finisher.

Highlighted by a second-round game in which he was three blocks away from a triple-double, Holmgren has been performing as expected on both ends of the floor in the NCAA Tournament.

I'll be beating this drum all offseason, but the Spurs desperately need a mobile, switchable big capable of knocking down jump shots while also defending the rim with consistency. Holmgren does all of that and more for Gonzaga.

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Holmgren won't be at the AT&T Thursday when the tournament resumes, but if the Spurs are lucky, he could be there eventually.