Revisiting Wembanyama preseason predictions after history-making rookie season

The San Antonio Spurs again missed the playoffs. But, unlike last season, there's reason for optimism thanks to Victor Wembanyama, who shattered expectations.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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Preseason prediction: Wembanyama will hit 100+ threes

Although Wembanyama was technically a below-average 3-point shooter this season, he managed to safely hit 100 threes. Actually, he finished the year with 128 made threes and became the first player in NBA history to record 250 blocks and hit at least 100 triples in a single season.

That is impressive, to say the least, and bodes well for him going forward. After all, many of his 3-point attempts were surprisingly difficult, contributing to his shooting 32.5% from deep. Even still, he was above average on pull-up threes and step-back threes, two of the hardest shots in the game.

That proves that he is a good shooter and capable of even more than he showed during his rookie season. Imagine Wembanyama being the first player to hit 200 threes and block 300 shots. That would be unpreceded but well within reach considering what he's shown thus far.

Not only that, but his shooting ability as well as his rim protection could make them the perfect stretch five and give the Spurs a massive advantage. After all, San Antonio has struggled in recent years to take enough threes to keep pace with the rest of the league. However, with their center launching 5.1 attempts on average in fewer than 30 minutes per game, the Spurs shouldn't have that issue.

Prediction: Correct