Recent news shows Spurs' preseason finale could be a blockbuster event

Gregg Popovich, Stephen Curry
Gregg Popovich, Stephen Curry / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Just two games remain in the San Antonio Spurs' preseason schedule and Friday's finale against the Golden State Warriors could prove to be a big one. Much like the Spurs, the Warriors have been sitting out several rotation players each game, giving opportunities to young players. However, Warriors coach Steve Kerr appears ready to play his regular rotation big minutes during their game against the Spurs ahead of their regular season opener.

With Golden State likely doing a dress rehearsal for the start of the regular season, the Spurs could also look to play their regular rotation for Friday's game. That means that in just a few days, Spurs fans will get their first look at the team's much-anticipated new starting lineup.

There has been indication that the team may opt to go without a point guard to start games and what better place to unveil that lineup than against their former rivals?

The Spurs could unveil their starting lineup on Friday against the Warriors.

Thus far, the Spurs have yet to play their projected rotation, let alone their starting lineup, leading to intrigue about what each will look like and how they'll play together. Better yet, fans will get to see how they will play against a team with a top-5 player in Steph Curry and a core that recently won a championship.

At full strength, the Warriors are clearly better. Still, it could be instructive for a young Spurs team to go up against a good team before the games start to count. How will teams such as the Warriors defend Victor Wembanyama and how will the Spurs defend Curry?

Would Wembanyama switch to Curry and how effective will he be guarding an elite offensive player? Considering the Spurs hope to be a playoff team sooner than later, getting answers to those questions will be helpful. Moreover, a strong showing against a perennial playoff team even during the preseason makes their game against the Warriors all the more important.