Re-grading the 2022 NBA Draft: Jackpots and a potential whiff

Now having played a full season of NBA basketball, there is enough data on the San Antonio Spurs' 2022 draft picks to analyze those selections.

Jeremy Sochan, San Antonio Spurs
Jeremy Sochan, San Antonio Spurs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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9th Pick: Jeremy Sochan

The second half of the newly formed “Space Invaders," Jeremy was everything that the team hoped for and more during his rookie season. He was a burst of energy that Alamo City desperately needed, but showcased his humility alongside that. I don’t know how many 19 year old rookies would be willing to change their free throw routine halfway through the season.

Add in his potential to be an elite wing defender, and the Spurs seem to have found a keeper with their highest draft selection since Duncan (pre-Wemby). His personality may be his biggest strength, evidenced in the fight clip linked above and further shown anytime he logs on to Twitter or Instagram.

San Antonio has been off of the radar of most NBA media since 2017, so it was pretty crazy seeing a Spur named as the “player correspondent” for the entire National Basketball Association at this year’s draft. We have Jeremy’s energy and eccentricity to thank for that bestowment. There are things to improve on the court (mainly shooting), but I have no doubt Sochan will continue trying to prove any naysayers wrong.

Grade: A. Outside of Wemby, there is not a question who has the highest potential on the team. Sochan figures to stick for a long time, regardless of what skills he develops.