Rarely seen Tim Duncan emerges from retirement for quirky interview

Richard Jefferson has a new interview show on YouTube and his first guess is San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan.
Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

When Tim Duncan retired, it felt like fans were cheated out of something. You didn't really get to say goodbye to the Big Fundamental. He never explicitly stated that his final season would be his last and when he hung up his jersey, he didn't do it in front of a podium in front of 2-1-0's faithful, allowing supporters a chance to say farewell to the greatest player in San Antonio Spurs history.

Because he is Tim Duncan and everyone understands his personality, that wasn't something that many held against him. Mostly, fans want the five-time champion to enjoy his peace. He has earned it and he did more than enough to ride off into the sunset on his own terms. But it's still nice to see Timmy D every once in a while, and fortunately, Richard Jefferson's new YouTube show has acted as the vessel to provide one of those sightings.

RJ pulled off the impossible by getting Tim Duncan

On one hand, you could probably count the number of times Tim Duncan has agreed to an interview since he retired in 2016. (Not counting his year as an assistant coach.) He just doesn't care for the added attention; he never has.

It's interesting to see Richard Jefferson take on this interview style in his new show. There are content creators out there who have made this awkward style more popular, namely Funny Marco or Bobbi Althoff. The back and forth is meant to entertain rather than inform, but Jefferson has been on television for years, so his personality is familiar, making it easy to see why this direction suits him.

The interview could have been longer, but Spurs fans will take any chance they get to absorb Tim Duncan content. The greatest power forward of all time doesn't show his face a lot, so this was a treat and hopefully, all Silver and Black lovers will enjoy it.

Watch the entire interview below!