Ranking Top 3 San Antonio Spurs by All-Star potential

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1. Josh Primo

First, I want to address why Devin Vassell is not on this list. Will he be very good? Yeah, he will, but I don’t think wings get the appreciation they deserve. Jayson Tatum, Klay Thompson, and Zach LaVine are all exceptions, but they play elite basketball on real contenders. With his slow progression last year, I’m not sure Vassell will put the pieces together to get quite there. 

That leaves Josh Primo. Watching him move in traffic in Summer League reminded me of Chris Paul, but he has Klay Thompson’s body and high release point, which makes him a nightmare to guard.

Obviously, his NBA career is in its infancy, but he looks like the experimental player the Spurs are committed to building around. If he can be a floor general, scoring threat, and chief defender, there is no reason he shouldn’t be an All-Star.

The only question is will he ever reach that ceiling? He has to. Simply put, he has to. Josh Primo needs to be an All-Star -- otherwise, he’s a bust. Most players picked at 12 don’t have those kinds of lofty expectations, but when sure things like Moses Moody, Kai Jones, and Alperen Segun are picked after you, you need to be the gamble that pays off. 

The Spurs could have traded back and maybe gotten him, but they didn’t. Instead, they rolled the dice, and when we sat back on draft night, we all thought they were crazy for taking him.
Then we saw him play.

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Almost as soon as he debuted, fans could see the vision. He looks like a star in the making. He has the size, stroke, potential, and environment to succeed, so now he just needs to do it. Clearly, I think he can, and he could very well be the next great Spur.

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