Ranking Top 3 San Antonio Spurs by All-Star potential

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Next season, the San Antonio Spurs will not have an NBA All-Star. It sucks to say, but they are fully committed to the tank, and frankly, no one on the roster will be putting up insane numbers. Being on a winning team helps, and the Spurs have a lot of players who could eventually be really good, but no one so far has shown any reason they will make the All-Star game anytime soon.

The Spurs are one of the youngest teams in the league, so there are plenty of names who jump out as guys who could get there eventually, but no one will be there in 2023. That’s ok though, because when the team is ready to compete, they have a lot of real potential. 

I, unfortunately, hold the position that on a winning Hawks team, Dejounte Murray -- hated as he might be now -- will make the big game at least a few more times in his career. He’ll always be the second option behind Trae Young, but that’s not a bad spot to be in.

If traded, Josh Richardson, Jakob Poeltl, and Doug McDermott will never be All-Stars at this point in their careers. McBuckets and Poeltl might make a 3-point contest or All-Defensive Team before they call it quits, but that should probably be it.

The Spur who is most likely to eventually make an All-Star game has not entered his prime, and he might not even be close. 

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