Ranking the young core by how important they are to the Spurs’ future

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3.) Jeremy Sochan

Sochan the Destroyer made a strong impression as a versatile defender during his rookie season. He locked down some of the best players in the league, even holding LeBron James to 35% shooting on nearly 250 possessions matched up against the future Hall of Famer. Sochan also showcased a well-rounded offensive skillset that includes creative playmaking and efficient finishing around the rim.

While his shooting must improve, Sochan is coachable and has an evident desire to put in the work to reach his potential. He switched to a one-handed free throw last season to raise his percentage at the charity stripe, and it paid dividends. His ability to switch across positions and play numerous roles for the Spurs gives him an edge over other young players in the league, and that is why he lands near the top of these rankings.

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