Ranking the young core by how important they are to the Spurs’ future

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4.) Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson is the longest-tenured player on San Antonio's roster, something that still sounds so strange when you think about how Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili spent almost two decades with the Spurs. Johnson has embraced a leadership role over the last couple of years, and his nonstop energy seemingly radiates to his teammates.

Johnson was the leading scorer for the Spurs last season. Injuries and roster turnover forced him to shoulder a heavier load, and he rose to the occasion. The young forward continued attacking the the rim like a wrecking ball while showcasing newfound playmaking skills. His shooting is streaky and his defense is nothing to write home about, but he should still have a significant role on and off the court this season. While he has been the face of the franchise, that title has shifted to Wembanyama.

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