Ranking the young core by how important they are to the Spurs’ future

Milwaukee Bucks v San Antonio Spurs
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1.) Victor Wembanyama

It's a no-brainer that the Spurs's future falls on the towering shoulders of Victor Wembanyama. The Frenchman is an astounding talent that numerous experts have heralded as the best prospect since LeBron James. With unbelievable fluidty for someone standing 7-foot-3, he should have an immense impact from day one. His length shrinks the court for opponents, and he can block shots at the rim or beyond the three-point line.

The teenage forward must add muscle to his slender frame and adapt to the playstyle of the NBA, but that shouldn't take long. There are still some question marks about how his offense will translate right out of the gate. Wembanyama struggled to score in his Summer League debut, but he ended his brief stint in Las Vegas with a 27-point outburst that gave fans a taste of how dominant he could become if he puts everything together on both ends in San Antonio.

The future of the Silver and Black hinges on the success of Victor Wembanyama.


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