Ranking six former Spurs based on the likelihood of a reunion

Jakob Poeltl, Kawhi Leonard
Jakob Poeltl, Kawhi Leonard / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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#1: Jakob Poeltl

Although Wembanyama is eventually expected to play center in the NBA, he probably won't do so full-time for a while until he's physically ready. Therefore, re-signing former Spur Jakob Poeltl, who previously played four seasons with the team, makes a ton of sense. While Wembanyama may not be all that concerned with bulking up, he'll need time before he's ready to guard big centers.

That means San Antonio will need someone else to do the dirty work, and Poeltl would be perfect for that role in the sense that he's already done it before. And, assuming he re-signs for a four-year deal worth around $80 million, it would coincide with the length of Wembanyama's rookie contract. That would give him plenty of time to adjust to the physicality of the NBA and for the Spurs to see whether they would want him to remain a power forward going forward.

After the NBA draft, the odds that the Spurs might sign Poeltl appeared higher after the Dallas Mavericks, who were in need of center help, drafted one in the lottery and traded for another in Richaun Holmes. With only a handful of teams now in need of a starting center and having the ability to meet his potential contract demands, there are only a few possible destinations for Poeltl. San Antonio appears to be one of them, making him the most likely former Spur to re-sign with the team.