Ranking six batty Spurs trade proposals from outrageous to fascinating

Hoops Habit came up with 16 trades the San Antonio Spurs should consider before the deadline, and there are six that deserve a deeper look.
Keldon Johnson, Victor Wembanyama
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Trade 1: San Antonio welcomes their point guard of the future, courtesy of the Portland Trailblazers

The most fascinating trade proposal here is one involving Anfernee Simons and (you guessed it) Keldon Johnson. The Spurs would also have to package two first-round picks (ATL and CHI) according to the proposal, but that is an easy sell. This deal is probably never going to happen simply because the basketball gods are just not that gracious but it makes sense for both teams.

Scoot Henderson is going to be Portland's point guard of the future, and Shaedon Sharpe is a lock for their shooting guard position. That leaves Simons on the outside, looking in. He is too talented to come off the bench, and he's only 24 years old. This kid scores 23 points per game while dishing out five assists. He is cheaper than Trae Young, younger than Dejounte Murray, and a better shooter than Cade Cunningham.

Keldon has been the common denominator in most of the trades listed here. That is because, as a very productive player on a team-friendly contract, he has the most value, and all of these trades would require the Spurs to give up a player like KJ. He would help every single one of the teams mentioned and teams like Portland can find plenty of value in the picks sent with him.