Ranking six batty Spurs trade proposals from outrageous to fascinating

Hoops Habit came up with 16 trades the San Antonio Spurs should consider before the deadline, and there are six that deserve a deeper look.
Keldon Johnson, Victor Wembanyama
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Trade 3: Spurs acquire Cade Cunningham in a shocker

Cade is still young enough that it is highly unlikely the Detroit Pistons would be willing to move on from him. He is a 6'6 point guard with limitless potential. The fact that it hasn't worked out a couple of years into his career, resulting in two top-five picks in the subsequent drafts, may be enough for Detroit to consider moving Cade in an effort to speed up their rebuilding process. They could center their team around Jaden Ivey and Ausar Thompson.

To make this option appealing to the Pistons, the deal proposed would see the Spurs send Keldon Johnson, the Spurs 2024 first-round pick, and two 2025 first-round picks (ATL and CHI) to receive Cade Cunningham and Marvin Bagley III.

Bagley was traded to the Washington Wizards days after the referenced article was written, so that is no longer an option. As a substitute, San Antonio could see if Detroit were willing to include Isaiah Stewart, Kevin Knox, or Danilo Gallinari in the deal. They all have potential value for different ranging from possessing upside to expiring contracts and any combination of Cade with one of these players would be a great deal for San Antonio.