Ranking six batty Spurs trade proposals from outrageous to fascinating

Hoops Habit came up with 16 trades the San Antonio Spurs should consider before the deadline, and there are six that deserve a deeper look.
Keldon Johnson, Victor Wembanyama
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Trade 4: Spurs and Hawks part two but with Trae Young

San Antonio would have to give up a lot in this deal, but that is to be expected when trading for a talent like Trae Young. This proposal has the Spurs sending Keldon Johnson, Doug McDermott, two 2025 first-round picks (ATL and CHI), a 2026 pick swap, and the 2027 first-round pick (ATL) in exchange for the All-NBA point guard referred to as Ice Trae.

That is quite the deal, but the immediate impact it would have on the offense would be significant. The spacing and shooting provided by Trae Young would open up the floor for every player on the team. The pick-and-roll/pop combination between Young and Wembanyama would give teams nightmares. There are plenty of reasons to like the potential addition of the two-time All-Star and little downside with the stockpile of assets in the Spurs' possession.

If any adjustment needed to be made to the deal proposed, it would be for the 2025 pick San Antonio received from the Hawks in the Dejounte Murray deal. It would be better to see if Atlanta would accept the 2024 top-six protected pick from Toronto. The Spurs would already be giving the 2027 pick back. There is no need to give back two, if possible. The Raptors pick has plenty of value, but this draft is not considered elite. Trading that selection to help facilitate the addition of Trae Young would be well worth it.