Ranking six batty Spurs trade proposals from outrageous to fascinating

Hoops Habit came up with 16 trades the San Antonio Spurs should consider before the deadline, and there are six that deserve a deeper look.
Keldon Johnson, Victor Wembanyama
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The San Antonio Spurs are currently running the risk of having their worst season in franchise history. To say that this development is baffling would be an understatement. While they field the youngest team in the NBA and patience has been emphasized, San Antonio's name has been in many trade rumors recently. They should be closely monitored.

One of the few veterans on the team is sure to be moved, based on this recent report from Marc Stein but the deals that will truly move the needle are going to require more than Doug McDermott so the Spurs may need to consider moving some of their young guys.

You always hope the team hits on all of their draft picks and the development works out, but sometimes that is not the case. There is a chance that only some or even none of the guys fated to stand at Victor Wembanyama's side during the Spurs' reemergence to greatness are currently on the roster, and that possibility only increases as the losing continues while the players make the same mistakes.

If you truly believe the athletes beside Wemby are built for a dynasty, you stand pat and give them additional time to grow. But it is not unfair to point out that despite their youth, the mainstays have been in the league for three to four years, so they should not be franchise-worst bad.

There are multiple ways to approach the disappointment, and it would be negligent not to consider them all. With the trade deadline approaching, Hoops Habit's Cal Durrett considered 16 trades for the Silver and Black and a good six of them deserve some extra attention.

Trade 6: Spurs trade Keldon Johnson to Rockets for Jalen Green

There is only one truly outrageous trade scenario in the litany of proposals seen in the article, but it is admittedly emotionally driven. San Antonio would also receive Jock Landale in this proposed deal. That is not enough to consider doing a deal with a rival like Houston that would send a very productive, fan favorite in Keldon Johnson their way.

Jalen Green has plenty of potential, with athleticism pouring out of his ears. He has even improved as a defender, but he is still undersized at 6'4. The Jeremy Sochan experiment tells fans the Spurs would prefer to have more size around the perimeter, and Green would not fit that billing.

If the Houston Rockets could bring prime Hakeem Olajuwon or Tracy McGrady into the present to pair alongside Victor Wembanyama, that would be worth Keldon Johnson. Otherwise, San Antonio does not need Jalen Green, nor do they need to lift a finger to make a trade that would benefit their lesser Texas counterpart.