Ranking the San Antonio Spurs’ top 7 trade assets for 2023–24

Keldon Johnson
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#3: Keldon Johnson

An underrated part of the Spurs' rebuild has been their ability to get good young players to agree to cheap long-term extensions that they can easily outperform. Keldon Johnson appears to be the latest in a line of these extensions, following Murray and Derrick White.

Both of those players were traded for sizeable returns, thanks in part to the affordability of their contracts. That doesn't mean that Johnson will, however, especially now that he won't be tasked with being the Spurs' number-one scoring option.

With a potential superstar in Wembanyama, Johnson could thrive as the team's second or third option, and his contract, which is only worth $18.5 million a season, could become all the more valuable. Factor in that the salary cap is set to jump $11 million during the first year of his extension and probably much more in the next couple of seasons, and his contract could quickly become one of the best in the NBA.

With next season likely serving as an evaluation year, the Spurs will have a much better idea of how Johnson fits around their new centerpiece. If he fits perfectly, then great; if less so, then they should have no issue finding another team willing to trade for him.

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