Ranking the San Antonio Spurs’ top 7 trade assets for 2023–24

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#4: Devin Vassell

Although the Spurs have yet to sign Devin Vassell to a contract extension, he makes the cut. Vassell emerged this season as a legitimate offensive threat by bombing away from three while shooting 38% from beyond the arc. He also showed the ability to create for himself by knocking down pull-up jumpers and using ball screens to get open.

With another summer to improve, better health, and an offensive focal point to play off of, Vassell could be in for another career year next season. While Vassell could become a restricted free agent after next season, if he and the Spurs don't agree to an extension, they would have the right of first refusal.

That would ensure that they could keep him going forward, though the Spurs would be wise to lock him into a long-term deal now rather than later. The new CBA allows teams to offer 5-year deals to non-max players, and they should take advantage by offering a 5-year extension worth around $110 million.

That would keep Vassell under contract for the next six years at a salary that he will easily outperform, especially with the cap continually rising. Ultimately, Vassell has proven himself to be a highly skilled two-way player and is already valuable, but even more so, depending on the length of his extension.

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