Ranking the San Antonio Spurs’ top 7 trade assets for 2023–24

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#5: Jeremy Sochan

With the 10th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the Spurs selected Jeremy Sochan with the hope that he could fill the team's need at power forward going forward. After a strong showing in his rookie season, he has more than proven himself and, at only 20 years old, appears to be a key part of the team's future. At 6'9 and with a versatile skillset on both ends of the floor, Sochan can be the Spurs' Swiss army knife, which could come in handy next season.

With Wembanyama joining the team and starting, coach Greg Popovich may have him play at the four, pushing Sohan to the bench and allowing him more freedom. That could mean him playing more with the ball in his hands and possibly even closing games in lineups without a point guard, creating one of the more unique lineups in the entire NBA.

While Wembanyama's versatility makes him a unicorn, so does Sohans, and pairing the two of them together in the frontcourt could soon make San Antonio a headache to defend and score against. Better yet, he will be on his rookie-scale contract for the next three seasons and may only be scratching the surface of what he can do, thus making him highly valuable.

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