Ranking Spurs' gettable free agent targets by 3-point percentage

Free agent shooters San Antonio could target ranked by their career marks from beyond the arc.
Klay Thompson
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2. Buddy Hield - 40%

A more expensive free agent option, Buddy Hield earned $23.5 million with the Philadelphia 76ers this past season. However, every single penny of it was well-earned. Buddy is a seasoned vet at this point in his pro tenure, entering his 10th season in the association next year. For his career, he is good for 15 points and 4.2 rebounds per night while shooting a dead even 40% from three.

Entering the NBA at 24 years old, Hield had a bit of a natural advantage over his peers from the start. With so many prospects beginning in the NBA at age 19 or 20, he had a leg up on his competitors from a development standpoint. As such, he has had a very consistent career, never averaging below 10 points per game for a season and never shooting below 36% from three-point range.

He will command a considerable payday for his services, but the Spurs will want to at least consider signing the sharpshooter. Buddy's ability to erupt for 30 points like he did against the Raptors this past season makes him more than just a reliable role player, and he could be a solid fit next to Wembanyama.