Ranking the possible returns of former Spurs from "must-have to hard pass"

There are a handful of ex-Spurs that could be available this off-season. Some possible reunions make sense while others are downright laughable.
DeMar DeRozan
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2. Lonnie Walker IV - G

When San Antonio first drafted Lonnie Walker IV out of Miami in 2018, the first thing that stood out besides his wild hairstyle was his athleticism. He wasn't known for his shooting, but the Spurs needed young legs as they looked toward the future with Manu Ginobili's impending retirement.

Walker IV entered the league with the ability to get out in transition, attack the lane, and get above the rim. At times, Walker IV showed signs of elite scoring ability, and since he left San Antonio, he has improved as a scorer while in Los Angeles with the Lakers and in Brooklyn with the Nets. Fans have seen him get hot and go on runs by himself, to help his team pull out victories.

Walker IV is also very active on defense, ultimately making him useful for any team, especially one in San Antonio that lacks quality bench production. Walker IV could be a little spendy given that he might demand a bigger payout than Anderson due to his age (25), but a reunion could work out.

It was apparent that when healthy and given more playing time, Walker IV could give a team a good spark off the bench. This reunion could be just as intriguing as Anderson, if not more, and the Spurs would be wise to give this option some thought.

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