Ranking the possible returns of former Spurs from "must-have to hard pass"

There are a handful of ex-Spurs that could be available this off-season. Some possible reunions make sense while others are downright laughable.
DeMar DeRozan
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3. Marcus Morris Sr - F

It was late 2019 when Marcus Morris Sr signed a 2-year deal with San Antonio. At the time of the signing, this looked like a quality pickup for the team as Morris was coming off two productive seasons in Boston. However, a week later, Morris seemingly had second thoughts when he reversed the San Antonio deal and signed with the New York Knicks instead.

That was not the worst part though. To make this signing, San Antonio had to clear up cap space and as a result, they let fan-favorite Davis Bertans walk away. So essentially, they lost Bertans for nothing. However, they say time heals all for a reason right?

Morris Sr. in San Antonio now could make a lot of sense. While the deal would likely have to be short-term due to his age, the toughness that Morris Sr. brings to a team is hard to find. Therefore, San Antonio could benefit, even if it is short-lived.

What could give San Antonio more peace of mind in signing a guy like Morris Sr, is that he has proven to remain consistent throughout his career. You will not get 20 points and 8 rebounds a game from him and the inability to play a full-season is a concern. So a move like this is unlikely, but it still deserves a spot in the middle of this list.

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