Ranking the possible returns of former Spurs from "must-have to hard pass"

There are a handful of ex-Spurs that could be available this off-season. Some possible reunions make sense while others are downright laughable.
DeMar DeRozan
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4. Patty Mills - G

In sports, as fans, oftentimes you do not get what you want. This instant might be no different. Ex-Spurs point guard Patty Mills is set to be an unrestricted free agent this summer, and questions loom if both parties are interested in a reunion. The Australian sharpshooter was a fan favorite during his first tenure with the Silver and Black.

Mills, now 35, still stays true to his San Antonio roots, seemingly rooting for them and their future. He also praises Wembanyama, praising his development and declaring the probability of more championship banners at AT&T Arena in the future. Mills' respect for the franchise is apparent.

Mills had some great moments in his time with San Antonio, always buying into their game plan and playing disciplined basketball. His superb shooting was always appreciated and the mediocre three-point shooting Spurs could use some of that today. It almost makes you picture Wembanyama swinging the ball out of a double team to a locked-and-loaded Mills, ready to drill a corner three

Still, you can be sure that a reunion between Mills and San Antonio will likely never happen, and that is okay. Fans and the front office must now sit back, watch Mills' highlights, and express their gratitude for his years of service.

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