Ranking former Spurs by who will shine brightest in the 2023 Playoffs

Toronto Raptors  v San Antonio Spurs
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4. Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson, Karl-Anthony Towns
New Orleans Pelicans v Minnesota Timberwolves / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Kyle Anderson, aka Slow Mo, is a member of the eighth-seeded Minnesota Timberwolves. This fact makes me sad. The Timberwolves have struggled in the Western Conference for decades, and after last week's fight night with Gobert, it seems to be more of the same. Slow Mo deserves better than cheap shots on the sidelines from one of his teammates. Such a thing would never happen under Popovich.

As one of the NBA's most unique players, Anderson has nestled himself into a comfortable career in the league. He is shooting a career-high 41% from three while maintaining his defensive impact. The 3-and-D players have never been more essential than they are now in the current NBA atmosphere, and Kyle is one of the best in the league at starring in his role. He can also take a punch.