Ranking every Spurs player by trade likelihood

The San Antonio Spurs appear poised to make a deal or two before the trade deadline in February, but what is the likelihood of each Spur being traded?
 Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson
Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Tier 1: Young Spurs staples who won't be traded

3) Devin Vassell
2) Jeremy Sochan
1) Victor Wembanyama

Devin Vassell recently signed a 5-year deal worth $146 million before the season. While he can technically be traded, the team wouldn't have signed him to a rare rookie extension that would keep him in San Antonio for six seasons if they intended to trade him months later. Whether he plays out that contract in San Antonio remains to be seen, but the hope is that he can be the team's second option going forward.

Sochan appears to be much less untouchable this season than he was last season, but he is still guaranteed not to be traded. The Spurs have moved away from the Sochan at point guard experiment, but he hasn't quite returned to being a good off-the-ball player, and his defense hasn't been as good this season. Even then, the point guard experiment suggests the Spurs have long-term plans for Sochan so fans should expect to see the Polish Prince for the foreseeable future.

Lastly, we get to Wembanyama. Breaking news: he will not be traded. Better yet, any major move San Antonio makes will be with him in mind. Ultimately, it's possible that several players get traded, but we'll have to wait until the February deadline to know for sure.