Ranking every Spurs player by trade likelihood

The San Antonio Spurs appear poised to make a deal or two before the trade deadline in February, but what is the likelihood of each Spur being traded?
 Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson
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Tier 3: Possibly accepting calls for these Spurs players

11) Devonte Graham
10) Blake Wesley
9) Doug McDermott
8) Cedi Osman
7) Zach Collins

Now we're starting to get warmer. Of the 18 Spurs on the roster, Doug McDermott, Cedi Osman, Devonte Graham, and Blake Wesley all stand a chance to get moved before the February 12th deadline. McDermott and Osman are both terrific shooters who are on affordable expiring contracts, making it easy for a playoff team to trade for them, provided they have second-round picks to spare.

Graham has a small guarantee for next season. Considering the Spurs have chosen not to play him, it is more likely that he gets waived after the deadline and signed up by a team in need of shooting but not before, in case the Spurs need to match salaries in a big trade.

As for Wesley, a long-term role seems unlikely. He's faster than most, has some craftiness, and may become a decent shooter, but San Antonio's experimentation at point guard has buried him deep on the bench. That could be the case next season if they draft a point guard in the lottery. They will also still have Tre Jones, and they could look to sign a guard in free agency.

As a result, if the Spurs make a big trade that includes some combination of McDermott, Graham, and Osman, it shouldn't be a surprise if Blake is included as a means to extract value out of a late first-round pick before he loses more value not playing.

With Zach Collins being demoted to center and Wembanyama playing well, the decision to extend Collins at starter-level money looks slightly worse in retrospect. Keeping Collins through the end of this season appears likely due to Bassey's injury, but it doesn't make sense to have him as Wembanyama's backup going forward at his cost. He is a prime trade candidate for the off-season, though.