Ranking each prospect mocked to the Spurs by fit: from awkward to awesome

The San Antonio Spurs may have not one but two lottery picks in the 2024 NBA Draft and have plenty of options, but which prospects fit the best?
Rob Dillingham, and Reed Sheppard
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4) Alexandre Saar

In an admittedly weak draft with few obvious potential stars, French forward Alexandre Saar is seen as one of the two best players available. With San Antonio projected to have a top-three pick, they would have to have the first or second selection to be in a position to draft him.

And, even if they do, it's unclear whether they would actually draft Saar, despite his potential. The potential selling points are obvious: the Spurs would have two 7'0 French big men who could theoretically develop into another Twin Towers, ala Tim Duncan and David Robinson.

At 7'1, Saar is one of the biggest players in his draft class and is a formidable shot blocker and mobile enough to defend away from the rim. Offensively, he has the potential to be a terrific pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop big man.

Still, drafting Saar would mean the Spurs would be committing long-term to playing with two big men, and while Saar and Wembanyama aren't traditional big men, what happens if Saar isn't and doesn't become the pick-and-pop big man that he is projected to be? That would force Wembanyama to play more outside, and although they could strangle opposing offenses on defense, the Spurs might not be that good offensively with both on the floor.

Of course, there is the chance that Saar is able to hit his jumpers while also being able to sky for lobs. That would obviously be a game-changer, especially with Wembanyama proving to be a terrific passer. Imagine a five-four pick-and-roll with Wembanyama and Saar doing a supped-up version of a high-low action.

The Spurs could probably talk themselves into the pairing, and if they end up with the first or second pick and feel that he is the best player available, then they almost have to take him. There are just more question marks surrounding his fit than other players mocked by the Spurs.