Ranking 7 first-round prospects Spurs are rumored to be coveting

Anthony Black - Arkansas v Kansas
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4. Cason Wallace

Kentucky freshman Cason Wallace is one of the safer guard bets toward the top of his draft class and is likely the second or third best defender on this list at the moment. Despite being a hair undersized at just under 6-foot-3 without shoes, Wallace's big frame, outstanding fundamentals, and impressive anticipation have garnered him frequent comparisons to Jrue Holiday throughout the draft process.

Wallace also has a projectable jump shot, as he hit roughly 35% of his 4 three-point shots per game, 76% of his free throws, and showcased good touch around the rim. Kentucky has been notorious over the past several years for limiting their guards, and given the suboptimal spacing they experienced this past season with Oscar Tshiebwe clogging up the paint, Wallace could be another example of a Kentucky guard that pops at the next level.

Where Wallace loses points here is in his size relative to the other candidates on this list in combination with some athletic concerns. While Wallace is an undeniably good shooter, he doesn't have much burst or bounce and often struggled to gain separation on his defenders, particularly longer ones. And on defense, while he has the requisite lateral speed to keep up with both guard positions on the perimeter, he died on screens a bit too much for my liking given how built he already is. There is undeniably a pathway toward success for Wallace with the Spurs, but the path is a bit narrower compared to the following prospects.