Ranking 5 Spurs contracts from bargain to nightmare

Taking a look at the contracts of Spurs players that are both over and underpriced.
Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs
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Devonte' Graham: Biggest nightmare

In the case of Keldon Johnson's contract, he is at the least still a valuable scorer that puts up the third-most points per game of anyone on San Antonio's roster. His presence is still crucial to the Spurs' offense, despite the fact that he is currently playing below his contract value.

But a guy like Devonte' Graham is unfortunately not able to claim those same contributions while also playing on a hefty contract. Back in the summer of 2021, Devonte' signed a four-year, $47 million deal. He is earning a $12 million base salary this season and his salary will be at least partly guaranteed for next year as well.

Graham's 4.3 points per game this season on 34% shooting makes it hard to justify him being paid that much, not to mention the fact that he has only appeared in 21 games on the year. You can certainly make an argument that Devonte' should have played more this season, especially given his three-point shooting prowess and San Antonio's emphasis on development.

Graham can improve his contract value if he plays more and shoots more efficiently next season, but as of right now, his contract is probably as big of a salary problem as the Spurs have.