Ranking 5 Spurs contracts from bargain to nightmare

Taking a look at the contracts of Spurs players that are both over and underpriced.
Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs
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Julian Champagnie: Bargain

Over the years, the Spurs have been extremely adept at finding talent in the most obscure places, and curating role players out of guys who had been figuratively left for dead. It is one of the main reasons they were able to stay relevant for so long during the Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard eras.

In more recent Spurs history, Julian Champagnie is a shining example of this strength of the organization. Playing in just his second season in the league, Champagnie began his rookie year last season with the Philadelphia 76ers. After appearing in just two games and without making a single shot attempt through the first half of the season, the Sixers waived Julian last February.

Picking him up as a two-way signing, the Spurs instantly gave Champagnie an opportunity he did not have available to him before. He played in 15 games over the final two months of the season in San Antonio, earning three starts and averaging 11.0 points to go with 4.0 rebounds, all while shooting 40% from three.

In a very short amount of time, Julian has proven himself worthy of a spot in San Antonio's rotation going forward. That is why we can consider his four-year, $12 million salary a huge bargain.