Ranking the 5 best playmakers on the San Antonio Spurs roster

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4.) Victor Wembanyama

This one may come as a surprise, and we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but this shouldn't need much explanation. The kid is 7-foot-3 with the court vision and functional handle to be one of the best playmakers in San Antonio from day one. It's one thing to send a double team, and it's another to send a double team at Wembanyama and hope he makes a mistake because smaller defenders don't bother him.

The rookie has incredible balance for his size. He gets by defenders off the dribble and has the length and feel to make wraparound passes to the weakside when the help rotates. San Antonio will be a ton of fun this season, and this may be one of the more overlooked parts of it. Wembanyama will commit turnovers, make mistakes, and endure growing pains, but his ability to create opportunities for others with his mere presence brings value to the court.