Ranking the 5 best lockdown defenders on the Spurs roster

San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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4.) Reggie Bullock

One of San Antonio's newest acquisitions is already one of the best defenders on their roster. Reggie Bullock is your quintessential 3-and-D role player, and he could be a perfect fit coming off the bench for the Spurs this season.

The former Maverick is a dual-threat-defender. I don’t know if that term has ever been used, so let me explain. That means he has the ability to defend well on and off the ball. Bullock has earned a first-rate reputation for suffocating some of the best ball handlers in the league, and he can hold down the fort on the perimeter. His value doesn't stop there.

The former Tar Heel can recover when his man slips past him off the dribble, and his ability to pursue and block shots from behind with rearview contests makes him unique. Bullock is more than capable of stepping up against taller players who have the size advantage over him. He also offers secondary rim protection, which is a useful skill fans shouldn't sleep on.

Even some of the top dogs of the association have high praise for what Bullock does defensively. His box score numbers won't make you think, "Wow, this guy is a good defender." Regardless, Bullock has the experience and tools to impact the game defensively, and he could supply the Spurs with veteran leadership if they decide to keep him around.

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