Ranking 4 Remaining Free Agents the Spurs should have on their radar

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4. Romeo Langford

While a possible surprise on this list, bringing back Romeo Langford wouldn't be a bad choice for the Spurs if they are unable to find their new backup elsewhere. He has struggled with injuries during his career, but Langford has shown some impressive skills when healthy.

Langford's defense matches well with the Spurs' philosophy, and he was solid finisher around the rim. Again, he needs to stay healthy to be effective, but it's not a terrible backup plan to re-sign the 6-foot-4 guard after trading Derrick White to get him.

There are some weaknesses in his game that will also need to be addressed, such as his three-point shooting, which dropped to an abysmal 26% last season. With that said, injuries could've hampered Romeo as he shot 35% from deep during his final year in Boston.

Nonetheless, a short-term deal to fill out the depth chart would be a safe decision for the Spurs that offers the 23-year-old former first-round pick a chance to prove he belongs in the NBA.

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