Ranking 4 Remaining Free Agents the Spurs should have on their radar

San Antonio Spurs v Chicago Bulls
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2. Bol Bol

We're at the juncture in free agency where options are limited, so the Spurs might as well get creative and bring in another lanky seven-footer. The Orlando Magic released Bol Bol earlier this week, and he will become an unrestricted free agent if no one claims his contract off waivers. Pairing Bol with the 7-foot-3 Wembanyama would make things entertaining for San Antonio. If you thought David Robinson and Tim Duncan resembled the twin towers, can you imagine these skyscrapers suiting up together?

Unlike his father, Bol has struggled to find his footing in the league due to injuries and inconsistency. But he found some rhythm with Orlando, averaging career-highs of 9.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game on 55% shooting from the floor. Despite being above seven feet, Bol has impressive mobility for someone his size. He thrived in transition with the Magic and was a social media darling among their fan base.

Though many like to compare Bol to Wembanyama, the two are miles apart in skill. Bol doesn't have the defensive chops or discipline that make his French counterpart so special, and he struggled to stay in front of smaller guards. While his shooting stroke is sound, he only nailed 27% of his threes. Nonetheless, it would be a spectacle to see Bol and Wembanyama make it impossible for opponents to get around their length at the rim.