Pros and Cons of selecting Stephon Castle over Rob Dillingham

Stephon Castle and Rob Dillingham have been linked to the San Antonio Spurs for quite some time, but there are more reasons to believe that Castle is the guy.
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Final Four
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Con: poor off-the-ball capabilities

Castle would have a big role in San Antonio. So, his inability to get to the right spots and get proper positioning to score without the ball in his hands could be an issue.

Oftentimes, Castle needs a tight screen to make a move, get to the rim or get off an efficient shot. There were times during the NCAA tournament when Castle—if he did not get out in transition—would struggle with his half-court offense, and he had to put the ball in others' hands. Luckily enough, the UConn system was well-oiled enough to get Castle through this, but in the NBA he will need to create on his own at times. Especially late in games.

San Antonio's immaturity to finish games last season showed and if Castle cannot create for himself, he might not be trusted to take that clutch shot in crunch time. That killer instinct has yet to be instilled in Castle, but of course, it could come with time.

Still, the good outweighs the bad here, and Stephon Castle's weaknesses can be tuned up. The potential here is too high to not take a chance on him. All in all, Castle would be a fantastic addition to this San Antonio team.