Pros and Cons of selecting Stephon Castle over Rob Dillingham

Stephon Castle and Rob Dillingham have been linked to the San Antonio Spurs for quite some time, but there are more reasons to believe that Castle is the guy.
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Con: poor shooting ability

No draft prospect is perfect. They're young players still crafting their game. Castle is no different. While he does many things well, his poor shooting hurts his game. With a San Antonio team that struggled in field goal and three-point percentage, Castle's 47% from the field and 27% from three do not improve the team's shooting.

His shooting form is awkward, and he will likely need hefty coaching on his shot mechanics. His counterpart, Dillingham, is a lights-out shooter, like his teammate Reed Sheppard, and he can give San Antonio a streaky scorer who can get hot at any time. Dillingham's ability to fill it up in a variety of ways makes him edge out Castle in that department.

During the NBA combine last month, Castle surprisingly shot very well during the shooting drills. No, there is no defense, nor is it game-speed shooting, but in front of scouts, Castle showed he can improve in this area but it will likely take some time.

His ability to affect a game positively in other ways is what San Antonio should focus on instead.