Pros and Cons of selecting Stephon Castle over Rob Dillingham

Stephon Castle and Rob Dillingham have been linked to the San Antonio Spurs for quite some time, but there are more reasons to believe that Castle is the guy.
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Pro: playmaking ability

UConn's offensive scheme relates to San Antonio's in terms of discipline, fundamentals, and most of all, ball movement.

Castle's ability to control the offense and make the right plays will make him a great piece in San Antonio, allowing him to adapt well to an uptempo or front-court-centric offense. There were a lot of weapons alongside Castle while at UConn, and they will likely also hear their names called on draft day. Ultimately, while at UConn and playing with those other contributors, Castle was able to show that he could lead.

San Antonio could spend some money during free agency or draft other quality prospects, giving Castle more weapons outside of Wembanyama and Devin Vassell. As a result, Castle goes from one stacked offense with elite pieces around him to another in San Antonio.

Furthermore, with Castle's passing vision and effectiveness in the pick-and-roll game, he could shine next to Wembanyama and make the French phenom's life a lot easier. Castle also displays great basketball IQ, which will be appreciated in San Antonio. Dillingham is the opposite, as he is often reckless and tries to do too much, causing the offense to be in shambles at times as a result.

San Antonio needs players that can take control of a game and a player that you can trust to lead an offense. Castle is that guy.