Predicting when the Spurs will break their painful losing streak

With 16 straight losses, there's no end in sight for the San Antonio Spurs. That can be demoralizing as they look for a win but when will that happen?
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

With 16 straight losses, there appears to be no end—or win—in sight for the San Antonio Spurs. That can be demoralizing for both fans and players alike as they search the schedule for a possible win.

Unfortunately, the Spurs are entering a difficult part of their schedule with few opportunities for a victory, leading to questions about how long this winless streak will go on and when they will win their first game in weeks.

When will the Spurs win and snap their franchise-record losing streak?

The Spurs' next five games include a road game against the Houston Rockets, back-to-back home games against the Los Angeles Lakers, a home game against the New Orleans Pelicans, and a road game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

At first glance, the Rockets game appears to be the one that the Spurs could win, but they are 8-1 at home this season. While it may prove to be a close game, perhaps that isn't the one they should count on. Next up would be the Lakers games, and the Spurs would likely play especially hard in those matchups.

Despite that, unless Anthony Davis or LeBron James sits in those games, it may be too much to ask for a win. That leaves the Pelicans and Bucks. Winning at Milwaukee is unlikely, so the Pelicans game might be their best bet, but even then, they would be clear underdogs.

Of course, after a series of second-half blunders, they might just put it all together for one game and shock a much better team. However, barring that, the December 21st game at Chicago is the one to watch if the Spurs haven't won by then. If they haven't, then they would be carrying a 21-game losing streak into that game.

Hopefully, the streak will be long gone by then. But, based on San Antonio's upcoming schedule, it may come down to the December 21st game against the Bulls for them to get a win.