Predicting stat leaders for the San Antonio Spurs next season

With less than a month before training camp begins, who has the best chance of leading the San Antonio Spurs in each statistical category?

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Blocks Per Game: Victor Wembanyama

While we all know that scoring is essential to winning ball games, defense first has been the long-time philosophy of Coach Gregg Popovich. Wembanyama is poised to make an elite impact on that side of the ball immediately. His length, timing, decision-making, and relentlessness will morph one of the worst defensive teams in basketball into one of the best. The return of Devin Vassell will help, but Wemby's presence will be undeniable.

Victor Wembanyama has been putting his skills on display for the world to see for years now. What he has shown on defense is an understanding of its importance and his place in it. His 3.0 blocks per game last season shows he can use his size accordingly to protect the rim. Too many big men across the league fail to use their physical gifts to establish dominance. Wemby will not have that problem.

The extraterrestrial frenchman will presumably make his preseason debut versus Chet Holmgren in Oklahoma City on October 9th, where he will get his first chance to play against legitimate NBA talent. The test begins there as Holmgren will no doubt be vying for the Rookie of the Year honors and look at the arrival of Wemby as a personal challenge. It will be the first meeting in what fans are hoping will become a long rivalry filled with exciting matchups between the two towering youngsters.