Predicting stat leaders for the San Antonio Spurs next season

With less than a month before training camp begins, who has the best chance of leading the San Antonio Spurs in each statistical category?

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Assists Per Game: Jeremy Sochan

Tre Jones is going to be the starting point guard, barring some unprecedented last-minute acquisition by San Antonio. Jones led the team with 6.6 assists per game last season, so it may be tough to come from 2.5 assists per game to take over that top spot for Sochan, but it's possible. Jones is 6-foot-1, but as the league has moved towards positionless play, size often rules the day. This may cause Jones to see fewer minutes and decreased assist numbers.

Sochan has already shown a knack for thinking the game of basketball, not just relying on his physical tools. He has court vision and the willingness to pass to uplift his teammates. He has a seven-foot wingspan partnered with strong instincts and a desire to disrupt the opposing team's offense. His innate hustle will only complement these facets of his game while he continues to smooth out his scoring ability.

The disruption aspect is very important here. As the old adage goes, defense leads to offense. If Jeremy Sochan does indeed lead the Spurs in steals, he will also be in a position to initiate a lot of fast breaks. When you factor in his budding chemistry with Wembanyama, it is easy to picture Sochan taking a jump in assists to lead the Spurs in that statistic.